1. Students are taking charge of their curriculums. Have you heard of The Independent Project yet?



  3. Wages for college graduates haven’t increased for 10 years.

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  4. Are you wondering what free, online higher higher education will do?


  5. Taxpayers Fund $454,000 Pay for Collector Chasing Student #Loans http://bloom.bg/JPxsSK #debt #education

    Seems a bit excessive, right?


  6. Social media interns are a win-win for companies:


  7. It’s time for #technology to disrupt #education:

    http://huff.to/IEMasT #tech #entrepreneur #highered


  8. Twenty years ago, photographer Ted Soqui faced down guns and fire to capture the violence engulfing Los Angeles. Now he’s going back and shooting the same spots. #photography #education

    View the Los Angeles Riots: Now & Then

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  10. Digital media cookies! #socialmedia

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